Welcome to RiverTree School

If you are reading this post it is, I hope, because you are interested in RiverTree School. Perhaps you have come here after viewing our website and want to know more about what is happening. As it stands right now we are still in the very early stages of stating this school. And by "we", I mean my wife and me. So far we have an idea, a name, a domain name, a lot of energy and a goal. Our plan is to start a Charlotte Mason school in the northwest quadrant of the Twin Cities metro area. We plan to open our doors to students in grades K-3 on Sept 8, 2009. We will then add a grade every year until we have filled grades K-8. Please check back here often for updates on our progress, thoughts about education, opportunities for you to get involved, and other items. Once the website is up and running (very soon, I hope) this will be the best place to come for up to date information.

Thanks for visiting.